First of all, thank you for visiting BULLYURBOOK.COM.  This website offers straight-up honest and BS free information on NFL, MLB, NBA, NCAA and NHL games.  We’re not going to try and sell you on some magic system or special trends formula like other websites.  Let’s be honest, anyone can take a two team match up and find some kind of trend.  But, if those so-called trends and systems really worked, the website owners would have already moved to Vegas and retired by now.  The fact is, too many handicapper websites try to BS people and solicit their business by promoting their so-call systems, without delivering the goods.

This website is different.  BULLYURBOOK.COM is made up of a group of people, from all walks of life, that share a common interest – sports – and a common goal – winning.  Prior to posting any pick, we get together and hash over the latest sports match ups, stats, lineups, injurys to the teams, weather, home field advantage, and every other imaginable variable.  Plus, we each have connections to the sports industry, giving us an edge in this game.  Ultimately, we play the same pick that we give you, which means, when you win we win.  That also means when you lose we lose.  We don’t like that to happen, so we dedicate our time to this venture and work hard to pick winning games. 

We at BULLYURBOOK.COM are so confident that you will not be disappointed that we're happy to tell you if we give you a losing day the next day will be free on us. So there is no reason not to give us that chance! Sign up so we can win your trust and lets BULLYURBOOK around.

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